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Dec 02 2012

Hiatus. Half marathon. Happenings.

Wow.  So apparently in Year 2 you have a lot more time, except most of that time is now dedicated to me and doing things that I want to do.  It is really nice to have more of a work-life balance this year, and be able to venture out and do more things that I enjoy and even have friends that aren’t teachers!
Teaching this year is much more difficult than it was last year, my kids are more difficult, troubled and a lot lower than my students last year, so we are still working on some really basic concepts in reading.  I have students who still do not have even half of their letter sounds learned, but then I have a few who are reading on a second grade level.  YIKES.  It seems so much more difficult to do anything this year because my kids are so spread apart in…

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Aug 18 2012

Year 2 > Year 1

We have already completed our first 2 weeks of school!  I can hardly believe how fast they have gone by and how much better I am feeling compared to this time last year.  I am getting sleep, have stuck to my running/gym schedule and even have been able to go out with some friends for…

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Sitting in Delta State’s auditorium 1 day shy of the 1 year anniversary of me moving to the Delta, I had a lot of emotions. Current CMs got an email a few months ago about bringing community members to Induction and to the dinner after to speak with incoming CMs.  It would be a lie…

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May 29 2012

If I knew then what I know now…

In just one week I will be sitting in the DSU auditorium among the energy and enthusiasm of the new 2012 Delta CMs!  I can not believe that was already a year ago and that I am half way through my corps commitment.  I am very excited to be volunteering at Induction for many reasons,…

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May 29 2012

Sweet, sweet summertime

School ended one week ago. In the past week I have done nothing but read for leisure, take day trips to Memphis, and lay by the pool.  I have had 1 week to not speak about teaching, my students and been able to consistently sleep past 5:45 am.  I don’t think that it has quite…

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May 03 2012

The Exposure Gap

Teaching in rural Mississippi has many challenges, and one of them is the Exposure Gap.  The town that I teach in is just over an hour from Memphis, 2+ from Jackson and Little Rock and over 6 from the coast.  Some may call the town that I work in even “big” when compared to some…

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They did it!  100% of the students in my class WILL be heading to 1st grade   So overjoyed and humbled.  When my principal brought in the test scores, I was down with the 4th graders helping with MCT2 prep, and she stopped class and announced that they had all passed.  Rumors had been spreading for…

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Apr 01 2012

The Time is Now :)

Nerves are setting in!  Tomorrow my students will begin to take the Kindergarten Exit Exam.  I have been told by many teachers at my school that we have done what we should, and that they are ready, but I can’t help but to feel the butterflies banging together in my stomach. The first grade teacher…

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Wow — how is it already the middle of March? As I sit here and begin to plan for the upcoming week, I can only think of how absolutely wonderful this past week has been.  We have been on Spring break for the past week, and I have not touched any school work for the…

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Feb 20 2012

Protected: Can’t Help How I Feel.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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