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Aug 11 2011


26 pitterpattering feet have been learning rules and procedures and how to write their name in my classroom for the past week.

26 itty bitties saying hilarious things in my classroom.. yesterday during specials one walks in and says, “Uh, Ms. B, I went to the school store and then got lost and don’t know where the reading lab is!” All I could do is laugh.  They get so lost in a group of people, how terrifying it must be for them to be in this building where many of them spent last year tucked away in the Pre-K corner.

26 little children have been learning spanish in my classroom.. we can understand commands such as se levanata (stand up), se sienta (sit down), camina (walk), and when told the Spanish word, many of them can point to the body part that correlates.  We can also count to 10 which to my amazement was learned in about 20 minutes.


I finally today got my FINAL group of students so that on Monday we can get our curriculum and get serious about Spanish.  Due to the way that the district works the Spanish program, the students had to test and meet a certain score in order to stay on the Spanish side of the curriculum.  This means that I have all of the high students, which excites me a lot.  Not in the, oh they can get the curriculum easier and we will have an easy year sort of way, but in a more, we can get this kids some enrichment so that they can leave very ready for 1st grade :)

The first week has been good.  The first day was very crazy, students came in and out all day, parents came to get the students VERY early, parents were in and out.  It was crazy.  By the end of the second day, my students could tell (read: yell) the classroom rules and behavior consequences and knew what it meant when their clip was moved from one color to another.  Monday was a fairytale day.  It is one of those days that we talked about during my undergrad in our education classes, the day that all of the students are compliant and on task.  If Wendy would have been in my room she would have seen 100% compliance, 100% of the time.. Oh how TFA would have loved that.   I seriously couldn’t believe it, I went home on cloud 9.  Tuesday and Wednesday have been good as well.  Today was crazy out of control, but still not a bad day over all :) I’m yet to have that “oh my gosh this is terrible day”  but I’ll save it, because I know that it is early.

A lot of that is because I have an AMAZING aid in my classroom.  She does things for me that I don’t even think of, and then I look up and they are done and it just puts a smile on my face.  She takes care of the attendance, moves the kids clips back to green at the end of the day and back to home on the attendance chart.  She helps the students immensely, and also helps for the ever forever taking bathroom breaks.  I was very worried about having an assistant and have been given a great one :) without her in the room I think that I would loose my mind.

Our house is so amazing. Not only does it look amazing due to the family leaving so much of their stuff for us to call it home, but I live with 4 other people who know exactly what I’m going through.  We are all so supportive and positive, that I know when i do have that bad day, I can go home and cry and then 15 minutes later I will feel great because we will have talked it out and then probably follow that by having a dance party :) There is always some sort of something that is ridiculously funny going on that keeps all of our spirits up which is helpful especially because we are just getting our feet wet.  Things are going to start to get crazy real soon.

For all of you out there that are thinking of applying to the 2012 corps, do it.  This experience in the short time that I have been in it has been amazing.  The students and parents are what I teach for.  Seeing their shining faces makes the day better, even if they are the ‘bad’ kid.  If you have any questions pass them along, I don’t promise to be a Delta or TFA expert, but I can give you the experiences of a CM that has just finished institute and has just started their first year teaching.

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  1. Kurt (Community Manager)

    Congratulations! Your post has been featured on the Teach For Us homepage.

  2. justcallmemaestra

    I love you. I cannot wait to visit and play in your room! Keep it up, maestra! :)

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