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Oct 02 2011


As teachers we have heard that October is ALWAYS the worst.  No break, testy kids, weather changing, terrible, terrible month.  It probably doesn’t help that I have this attitude too.  Everyone says that you HAVE to take a day in October to not be completely burnt out and hate your life come Thanksgiving, but, I just can’t.  I have already been out of the classroom 9 days and this is the start of the 9th week.  8 of those days were professional development and 1 day I had to drive back home for family reasons.  No more professional development for awhile, thank God!

I’m not sure if the professional development that my district is offering is just the best place for me to be, especially this past week.  I taught all day on Monday, out Tuesday for PD, Wednesday was a 60% day, out Thursday for PD, and then there was me teaching all day on Friday.  Its no wonder that my students listen to what my aid says more than what I do, or when I’m telling them something/reprimanding them they turn and look at her to see ‘do I have to’.. which she always then says “don’t look at me, what she says I say, and what I say she says.” They know this, but I’m sure that in their 5 year old minds that it is a hard concept to realize when I am out of the classroom so much.

Enough pity party.

I am sitting out our back porch drinking coffee with PUMPKIN SPICE creamer and the weather is beautiful!  This has become the place that I dearly love to sit and plan/write letters and catch up with family and friends.  Yesterday we took a girls day in Memphis and it was wonderful.. hair, Starbucks, shopping AND I purchased the items for the new classroom pet that we are getting tomorrow (or Tuesday) a guinea pig!  I am going to let the students vote on some names, so we will see what they come up with.. I’ll keep you posted.

We also have 9 weeks testing this week.  Its already week 9.. we are 1/4 of the way there, tomorrow is day 42 of school!  This week my babies will show what they have learned (hopefully something) on their tests in reading, math, social studies and science.  I did their reading assessments last week and I have kids who can’t read, through a few who are just about to a 1st grade level, and another on a 2-3 grade level.  It is a good balance heading into the second 9 weeks.  This quarters focus is going to be blends and more sight words!

I went to the football game with one of my roommates and ran into some students.  I feel bad when they know my  name, but I’m not sure who they are.. I just don’t know the other kids in my school if they aren’t related to the students in my classroom — I mean they are probably related some how, I am getting down the sisters, brothers and some of the cousins though and have a pretty steady flow of some 4th and 5th graders that come by my room to borrow books for their younger siblings that are in my class, and some that just want to say hello.  It makes me miss teaching the older students so much!  I am learning to love Kindergarten, but I think that so far 4th grade takes the cake — I think about my 4th graders a lot from last year, and I hope that they are all doing well in 5th grade!  Reminds me, I should get into contact with them…

Either way, I sat with one of my kinder babies for half of the game.. some great investment with a bag of popcorn bought for the concession stand and she LOVED counting to 100 in Spanish for my roommate! They have learned something — I have proof!

A lot of planning is (hopefully) going to take place today.. I need to finalize items for this week.. which will be easy because we are taking the 9 weeks test and I want to get a great start on next week too!  The next 3 weekends are going to be very busy!  My parents are going to be here next weekend, then we have ProSat (hello FREE iPAD!) and the weekend after my grandparents are coming through on their way to Texas!  I am meeting with a veteran K teacher today in hopes to make my life slightly more simple :)

Until next time.. heres to hoping that October is wonderful and not as dreaded as everyone has said!

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  1. Kaydey

    Miss Baldwin,

    You are a wonderful teacher and your students are so lucky. I miss you very, very much up here in IL. I think a visit is in order soon. I love you to pieces.

  2. CY

    Wait I was really hoping that October thing applied to schools in the North, where school starts in September. Because I’m really not sure I can take an October that is worse than September was. Luckily, though, we in Memphis get two kid-free days in October (one day completely off and one day of PD/conferences).

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