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Oct 03 2011

As promised.. potential guinea pig names! And other findings of the day..

Today I am going to pick up the guinea pig from another school here in the district.. I have no idea if it is a male or female or what color it will be.  We spoke today about how the guinea pig is a baby and that we must speak quietly and be very careful when it gets here tomorrow.  Some of my kids are a bit rough around the edges, and others are well.. just clumbsy!  Please say a prayer for the little thing..

As promised I have let my kids throw out some names for the guinea pig, because after all it is all of ours… they are as follows..

Male potential names — General, Lazel, Tivo, Collin, Winny, Oreo, Casey, Lovie, DJ, Micheal Jackson (coming from the child that only wants to be called Michael Jackson), TJ, Japle

Female potential names — Tiffany, Kenisha, Piggy, Lulu, Felisha, Teal, Jasmine, Selina Gomez (go figure), CC, Rocky, Precious (student yells: that’s a movie ya know!), Emma and Jada

My favorites… Winny, General and Teal mainly because I think that those might be the only candidates that are not named after anyone in my class, siblings of my students or other relatives.

Lets just hope that this thing can handle being in a class with all 26 of us!  And that the poor thing doesn’t die.. because I don’t want to explain that to my children.   

The beginning of week 9 sure has been a crazy one.. and its only Monday. I have had 3 kids today with the stomach flu.. poor babies!  My aid is also out with the stomach flu.  All of the desks will be wiped with sanitizer today, twice.  I think that I will be leaving after school today and heading to get my flu shot — because I’ve already been out for 9 days for professional development, I can’t afford to miss any more.. we have already lost 2 weeks of instructional time and my babies are too smart to be missign out on the obtaining all of the knoweldge that they can before leaving for 1st grade. 

I told my kids today that they are going to be having some special guests in this week, t-4 days until my parents are coming in to see what this Kindergarten business is all about!  They are so excited… I am planning on doing some painting during class when they come with the leaves that have fallen off of the trees already — but only for the kids that have been on blue, green or black all week.  I already have one kid out.. bummer.

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  1. Jeanine

    I like Winny and Piggy – works for males or females. Good luck with the critter!

    • Miss B

      Winney the Pig won :) they are just too funny sometimes!

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