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Jan 27 2012

Early Morning Ramblings..

While I feel like I have neglected this blog, this entire month has seemed like a blur.  The past 4 weeks have gone by so quickly, and second semester has been such a breath of fresh air!  The same challenges are also around, as in I have to change my daily schedule many times a week due to programs, state visits, district visits, oh yeah and then there was the week that I was sick and finally had to take a day off.

Days off are no fun when you’re actually sick.  I am still hoping to take a day off to have a mental health day, but I don’t see that happening as the Exit Exam for Kindergarten has been set.  We will figure out the first week in April which of the babies will be heading to 1st grade and which will be staying one more year in Kindergarten.  I have 2-4 students that I am very worried about, but one of them is receiving in school tutoring, the other has a good support system at home, the other I am able to work with during school, and the other I am going to start tutoring at the local coffee shop a few times a week (can’t ever start the addiction to caffeine too early :))

Winter in the south is definitely a weird experience.  The temperatures are in the 50s and 60s and we have even had a few 70s with beautiful sunshine.  This past weekend we had the serious threat of a tornado, and the grandma of one of my students lost her home.  I go to work with the birds chirping and can wear a light jacket to and from work.  I think that I miss the cold and the snow and whatnot, until I get on Facebook and see my friends, professors and family talking about the cold and the snow and then I don’t miss it so much, although I am sad that it looks like the 2 built in snow days we have will not be taken :/  heres to hoping for some snow in February or March :)

If the second year goes as smoothly as this year has, I will definitely be blessed.  The students that have been placed into my classroom are so smart, eager and ready to learn.  For it being my first year of teaching, I hope that this doesn’t mean that I have a year of crazy kids on the way (although I know that it is inevitable).  Since break (and I am probably jinxing myself — but here it goes anyway) my students have been doing so much better.  There is less reminders, less students in trouble, and less outbursts and tantrums, dare I say they are maturing.

I have been looking forward to the summer a lot, even though I have no idea what I will be doing.  I have applied for a lead teacher role at the Chicago Institute to work with the Early Childhood Education cms that are incoming. I will find out next Thursday if I get an interview.  I also am hoping to be a faculty advisor for summer school here in Clarksdale for the Delta Institute, but I am not sure that the district is going to let me do it with my 1 year of experience :/  – we shall see, hopefully something will come through or I am going to have to start looking into a retail job, which I really am less than enthusiastic about.


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