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Feb 18 2012

It could possibly be worse than October…

While the spring semester is surely flying by — with the help of this 3 days weekend — February could possibly be worse than October.  Tensions are starting to raise with the MCT2 now less than 3 months away, and the Kindergarten Exit Exam a mere 45 days away.  This month has surely tested my patience and my ability to keep my mouth shut.  While smiling, nodding and saying yes ma’am or yes sir is what I mostly do, no matter the situation, I have felt that there have been points where sticking up for myself and my kids have been more important than what people think of me.  Being respected as a first year teacher, well frankly just doesn’t happen!  If I have learned one thing while living in MS it is not your education that makes you wise or smart, it is solely based on your age.  I am frequently looked at as not having knowledge for what to do in the classroom or in my life because I am a young first year teacher with no children, which is also something that people have a hard time grasping.  My students have also tried my patience many times.  Everything that they now do that is outlandish or absurd just irks my every nerve!  They know better and are better than some of the decisions that they are making.  I have been making my consequences more serious and making more phone calls home on the first sign of bad behavior to nip it before it gets really bad, and it has seemed to work out well.  I also love to call their bluff and pull out my phone right then and call their folks.  I did this last week with one of my kids who found a pen somewhere and drew ALL OVER his brand new uniform pants.. I bet he won’t do that again :)

My principal however did approach my MTLD and let him know that she wants more corps members to come in next year, which made me feel good, that I won’t be the only one!  With the third years that are there looking to leave, and one already for sure out, I don’t want to be the only one at my school.  So any new corps members who are fluent in Spanish, you may just be coming my way :)

On lighter notes my kids are doing spectacular.  Even the lowest babies are reading words and coming around, and the high ones are soaring.  The reading lab teacher came in and grabbed a few of the high ones to get a better picture of where they are reading at and they came in at 2nd and 3rd grade readers, which is wonderful at the mere age of 5.  With this group, I can see the “one day” happening.  These kids are so brilliant and resilient to their environments each and every day.  I am inspired daily by one of my lowest babies each day as she has the best perseverance that I have ever seen in a small child.  I tell her it is wrong and she goes back and continues to try until she succeeds, what a wonderful attitude to have that I hope she never looses.

My students are all also getting a big surprise on Tuesday.  I was out yesterday on professional development and she text me to tell me that EVERY child passed their spelling test!  This made me beyond excited that I was almost crying.  We have never had that happen.  She couldn’t believe it and took their papers and made them take it again :) and again they all passed!  I can’t wait to get back to school on Tuesday to look at their papers and give them their surprise.  I think that with Tuesday being Fat Tuesday, I might do a King Cake with the lucky one to find the baby getting an extra special surprise..  we will see how ambitious I get.

I have also been saved recently by pinterest.  If you are an incoming el ed corps member, get on it quick if you haven’t. There are so many things on there for classroom organization and such that you could get started on now, and once you know your placement you could go to town!  This website has saved me in my planning so many times, and it also never hurts to look at a cute new hair style or outfit either.

Spring break is also rapidly approaching and I can’t wait.  My folks are coming down for the week and we are heading to Biloxi and New Orleans!  I am excited for both, and am making it my personal goal to hold a baby alligator at some point while we are down there!

After spring break we have planned so many great things (after the Exit Exam of course) for the kiddos.  We are taking an end of the year trip to Memphis and of course the ever awaiting graduation ceremony complete with baby caps and gowns!

I am looking for different summer opportunities as well, I am hoping that I will get the TFA summer spot in Chicago, but there are a few different options that I am also pursuing, we’ll see what happens!  I am hoping that some sort of road trip happens at some point this summer though!


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