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Mar 18 2012

The Need is Great and the Time is Short — Take #2

Wow — how is it already the middle of March?

As I sit here and begin to plan for the upcoming week, I can only think of how absolutely wonderful this past week has been.  We have been on Spring break for the past week, and I have not touched any school work for the past 8 days, and have had more conversations that have not been about my students than I have in months.

My parents arrived last Saturday and on Sunday we traveled down to Biloxi for some fun in the sun.  Mother nature of course had a different plan for the  family vacation, as she usually does, and without fail it rained the ENTIRE time we were in Biloxi.  We were not surprised as it has rained on almost every grand occasion that we have ever had.  Family vacations, gradations, birthday parties, both of my graduation parties, we plan something, and it of course will rain!  Nevertheless we made a grand time out of it exploring the Gulf Coast, eating some great seafood and checking out the Hard Rock Casino (were I felt obliged to gamble the crumpled up $1 in my purse, and quickly lost with 2 pushes of a button).

After Biloxi we traveled over to New Orleans to go to the French Quarter and eat, and then traveled up to Hammond, LA where we spent the night.  The next night we were able to go to an alligator farm where I was able to hold a baby alligator — checked off one item from my bucket list and got closer to another by visiting 2 more states :)

My parents left early Thursday morning and I have literally done NOTHING since.  I took a brief shopping trip, but other than that I have just been reading, doing nothing, spending time with friends and roommates, and feeling no stress or obligation to do any school work.

When we get to school tomorrow there will only be 10 school days before my students will be taking the Kindergarten Exit Exam to see who will be able to go to 1st grade.  I am fully confident that 21/24 of my kinder babies will be going, and the possibility of 1 more so I am not too worried, because we are READY FOR 1ST GRADE :) I have been so blessed with the students that I have.  They are wise beyond their years, and so incredibly smart.  We have not spent much time on Kindergarten concepts and I have been able to pull resources from the 1st and even 2nd grade materials to send them soaring above what is expected of them.  Keep your fingers crossed that I can go with them to first grade, as I will be pitching this to my principal soon :)

I am rather excited for the Exit Exam to be so soon in April, because I can’t wait to teach my kids stuff that they have taken out of Kindergarten and Early Childhood because of the pressures of Common Core.  I want to be able to do so many science experiments with them and let them really explore the world around them.  They are so curious and so excited when we get to do science experiments, so far this year we have only done 3, but I want to show them so many more things!  I also want to spend a lot more time focusing on the Spanish language and seeing their speaking skills grow.  I have not been able to spend as much time on this because the Exit Exam is in English and it is important that they are able to demonstrate that skill in English.  For example, I have kids that can count to 100 and skip count by 2s, 5s and 10s in Spanish but not in English.  So we are going to be working on fine tuning those skills in the next 2 weeks.  After that, watch out because we are going to be soaring in fun & learning.

We are also just over a month from our trip to the Memphis Zoo.  I can’t wait to get these kids up there and let them explore the zoo!  They are going to have such a wonderful time, and many of my students have never been to a zoo.  I can’t wait to show them the answers to “Mi’ Ball, what kind of animals they be havin at the zoo?”  “Mi’ Ball, they be horses at the zoo?”  “Mi’ Ball, they finna have chickens?” “Mi’ Ball, them animals gonna eat me?”  – I love helping to close the exposure gap :)

The next task to check off the list is to find something to occupy my time this summer.  I want to work because when I don’t I end up spending too much money and being unbelievably bored.  I have different applications out for different jobs this summer, and am hoping to score one of them :) I do know that I want to spend some time seeing the East Coast with some friends, catching some baseball games and spending time with friends and family back home.

10 weeks left :)



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