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Apr 01 2012

The Time is Now :)

Nerves are setting in!  Tomorrow my students will begin to take the Kindergarten Exit Exam.  I have been told by many teachers at my school that we have done what we should, and that they are ready, but I can’t help but to feel the butterflies banging together in my stomach. The first grade teacher saw the test last week, and she told me to seriously relax and we discussed the one student who will probably not go to first grade, but she said that as long as the other 24 in my class go in there and don’t freak out, they will too be just fine!

I feel awful holding one of my students back from the friends that she has been with for the past two years (in PreK and K) but I know that it will be so much better for her in the long run.  Her math skills are on grade level, but it is her reading that makes me unable to send her onto 1st grade.  As I am helping the 4th graders prepare for the MCT2 I can see that holding her back now will be better in the long run.  There are children in the 4th grade who are unable to add fluently (6+4=10) in their heads and even one that I had to teach how to subtract this week because she had never been taught before.  We went right back down to the basics with drawing circles for the amount that you have and crossing out the circles that you are taking away.

My principal also approached me this week about the possibility of going to first grade with my students.  I have had a few parents ask me if I could go with their children, and one who was going to pull her kid out of my school until I told her that was a possibility.  I would love going with my kids, but there is also cons for looping with students.  We will see what happens, but I am excited about the prospect of this :) I asked her to please let me know before the end of the school year that way whatever I do this summer will be useful for the coming school year. We are also awaiting a resume of a 2012 CM that is going to join us soon!  I can’t wait to not be the “baby” of the school.

The upcoming 4 day weekend is keeping me very happy as well.  On Thursday I am going to head down to El Dorado, Arkansas which is a whole different part of the Delta.  A Delta CMs experience is definitely their own because of the huge area that CMs are placed, and the different demographics and problems that each place presents.  I am excited so learn about SArk and so some relaxing and spending time with two good friends :)

Wish us luck, say a little prayer, think happy thoughts, we have worked hard and are now hoping to see it pay off :)

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  1. Jeanine

    I’m keeping positive thoughts for you and the kindertots! They are lucky to have had you as their teacher and now they will prove to you how good of a teacher you really are! Please keep us posted on their success.

  2. T

    “And even one that I had to teach to subtract because she had never been taught before.”

    I would be careful before making that assumption. I have worked with seniors who have learning disabilities (note: not intellectual disabilities – in fact, one has an IQ in the 97th percentile) who still do not know the difference between a verb and a noun. They have absolutely been taught this information, and in fact, I have taught them this information several times in different ways.

    Sometimes, students struggle with certain concepts. I highly doubt that by fourth grade, this student had never been taught subtraction, just like you have taught your kindergartner who is being held back material.

  3. Miss B


    You’re right. Poor choice of wording on my part. She has surely been taught, but did not know how to subtract.

    • T

      Sorry if it was obnoxious to point out – it’s just something I realize that I used to say. Now, with so many non-teachers constantly criticizing teachers for “not doing their job,” I’m hyper-sensitive to such remarks, even when made by other teachers.

      In any event, best of luck to your students!

  4. els

    I’m glad to see all of those smiley faces!! :) things are finally clicking!

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