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Aug 18 2012

Year 2 > Year 1

We have already completed our first 2 weeks of school!  I can hardly believe how fast they have gone by and how much better I am feeling compared to this time last year.  I am getting sleep, have stuck to my running/gym schedule and even have been able to go out with some friends for dinner on a WEEK NIGHT!  I can attribute all of these things to the fact that this is territory that I am now slightly familiar with.  Now I’m not saying that this is now ‘easy’ and that there is a magic thing that happens during your second year, but there is just a different overall feeling.

Here are some examples…

I have to repeat myself a lot less this year, children are doing things when I ask them to.  A lot of this has to do with my assistant and her helping me find the ability to discover and distinguish between a lets have a talk voice and a listen here buddy you have 3 seconds to do what I tell you or.. voice.

Planning this year is a lot easier, mainly because I did too much work over the summer, but I also kept ALL the worksheets from last year and all the ones that we already in my class and the centers and made them organized by topic/theme over the summer, it is now so easy to walk to a filing cabinet and pull something out rather than have to spend 20-30 minutes creating or finding something on the internet worth using.

Talking to parents is also a lot easier.  I have found myself saying things to parents that I would have NEVER imagined saying to them last year like (well maybe your daughter needs to learn some responsibility on how to get her homework from school to home and back without loosing it — whoops!) and not really feeling that bad about it.  I also have not had to “prove” myself to as many parents this year as I did last year.

Finding time for myself and getting more work done at school.  Yesterday before I left school I copied the weekly newsletter and all of my homework and it is sitting ready on the table for Monday morning.  Are you kidding?  Last year I would have spent the majority of Sunday afternoon fighting the urge to spend all my time on facebook or other useless websites and finally throwing something together because I was sick of looking my computer.  That means that the majority of my weekend will be spent doing what I want, and this makes me beyond happy.

I know that I have been terrible about blogging lately, and I do promise to try and be better about it, but for now, its time to enjoy MY Saturday :)


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  1. Jeanine

    It is so good to see you blog again! I’m looking forward to reading about your experiences this year. And I do have to say….I’m very jealous! I still stress and re-do everything right up until the last minute. You have mastered something that is very difficult to master. Way to go!

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